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tv   CBS 4 News at 6PM  CBS  January 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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after he was shot while filling out a police report. we are able to see inside his vehicle. holes in the seat and windows shattered from the gun fire. >> we could have ad a funeral. i'll tell you this, that officer had multiple guardian angels with him. >> it's a reminder of the danger they face every day. >> the streets of miami-dade county are violent. we need to accept that and then do something about that. dade county is not a safe place. we need to make it safe. >> that is basically the message of the police chief here. what he said on friday, it is very unsafe now and the community has to pull together to do something to stop the violence.
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a live look outside and what's been a beautiful january day across south florida. and some big changes coming our way. and they're coming soon. craig has more. >> showers starting to increase to the west of the keys and in the east to the gulf of mexico and off south florida, you can see this activity here by key biscayne. if you're going to be out and about this evening, keep an umbrella handy. it's going to be brief, but some showers already in store. the big wave is tonight and tomorrow and into thursday thanks to this strong upper level disturbance. later tonight, going to be watching this area for possibly storm development. going to move through tonight and tomorrow. and another round by mid- morning. the commuter model is
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throughout the day and another band tomorrow night into thursday and so some very unsettled weather. maybe some flooding and a possibility of gusting winds and possibly some stronger storms. passing storms and heavier at times. more on that coming up. you can track it all with the app with our app from google play and the app store. the man who police say robbed a convenience store is under arrest tonight. showing it this morning. the suspect grabs a beverage and approached the clerk at the register. pulled out a gun, grabbed the money, his drink and a pack of cigarettes.
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identified by the clerk. a botox bandit. breaking into -- the thief pried open a rear door, entered the office and got all the botox and syringes. by the time the police got there, the crook was gone. any information, you can call police or crime stoppers. an attempt to struggle live birds into the airport -- customs and border protection arrested a passenger arriving from havana on january 9th. concealing six birds in a fanny pack and three in his pants. birds were turned over to the
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station. charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. shot six times in the back at a home. taken to the hospital and john is being held in a $10,000 bond to be the. we're learning more about last night's rescue at sea. a megayacht sank and 13 people escaped with their lives. live in ft. lauderdale with us where he spoke to one of the survivors. ted 1234. >> spent two years in europe and sailed across the atlantic ocean to flaud and arrived in january. belongs to a family from brazil. left on a month trip to cuba and bahamas. >> mayday. >> the captain makes a
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>> we are sinking. we are sinking. >> it was going down fast with 13 on board. showing the boat monday night, 15 miles off the coast of ft. lauderdale. >> noticed it was going to the left and the captain went down and came up and said we're taking on water. >> the first meat on the boat when water began flooding into the passenger quarters on its way. >> we had a pump. couldn't keep up with it. >> no way to get the water out. so the captain made the decision to abandon ship. the family was the first off followed by the crew. >> this is one of the life raft. this is one of the life rafts that we put them in.
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the boat sank. showing the last minutes before it went below the water. saying the trouble may have started when the trip gwen. >> as we left, maybe one of the stabilizers got pulled off and the water got pulled? >> a live look from the coast of ft. lauderdale. sitting there 15 miles and under 1500 feet of water, too deep to salvage. . ted, thank you. the coastguard is going to conduct an investigation into the sinking of the al far, going -- the el faro, going down. the crew investigation hearing is set to begin february 16th. crew member families is suing the owner and captain. saying that it should have
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captain ignores warnings. isis inspired terror attack is mentally fit to stand trial. that's the joint ruling of the defense and prosecutor. arrested after the feds claimed he was planning to put a bomb in a backpack and set it off in south beach. expressed sympathy for isis on social media. the florida supreme court is ordering a -- allowed to keep her job. faces sanctions from the 2013 arrest for drunk drivers. the supreme court has already rejected the geement that sentenced her to 20 days' house arrest. also a $90,000 fine. has until february 15th to
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the change in relations between the u.s. and cuba. >> a dry cleaner with a special connection to super bowl 50. that story after this break and this story. >> does this boat look familiar?
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. now the historic change in relations between the u.s. and cuba. the new loosening of trade. and a limited number of products to the cuban government. it's president obama's third attempt to -- the latest actions which take efkts tomorrow include more travel licenses. the miami international boat show is just a few weeks away. this year, it'll be held at the miami marine stadium on virginia key. walter explains why it's extra special. >> the most environmentally safe show on the water across the sea. sitting on a quarter mile water front property.
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materials and renewable resources and nothing to endanger the marine life. >> that's going to make this show number one. >> everything related to water fun. yachts , speedboats and fishing. eight restaurants, one on the water, a beer garden and a pizza building station for the kids. and won't have to worry about parking. >> 10,000 parking spots across the bay in the downtown area. what better way than parking and paying for that and jumping on a free bus. >> by where hurricane and drew. go to their and we have a link on from virginia key. . congratulations going out.
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95th anniversary today. the celebration including an antique fire truck and photos and people beel ya. what's a party -- memorabilia. and what's a party without a cake? the excitement is building. 12 days and counting until super bowl 50. you know you can watch the game for free here. probably a good thing. could be the most expensive ever for ticket buyers. the average price for a ticket on the secondary market was 5 $5,335 in the minutes after the carolina panthers secured the spot sunday night. that's kouth seatgeek. the tickets are still more than
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bonn broncos. last year about 4200 bucks. every wonder who cleans the uniforms for the nfl teams? for the panthers, it's a man that has a lot of experience. >> it's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it. this 82-year-old is up to it. >> number, his name, badge. everything. number and the name. no wrinkle. no creases. >> bill fowler is the official dry cleaner for the carolina panthers. just about every monday, the dirty uniforms are dropped off around 1:30 in the afternoon. sorted and separated. pants in one, jerseys and the other. noing to -- going to be ready no later than wednesday.
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>> have to hurry. take more time. if they were white yesterday and black the next week, got a little leeway. >> off to the side, the jersey from the first season is not a souvenir, but a standard bearer. >> got to make it look like this right now. that's what we try to do. >> and on more than one occasion, that goes missing. that's when he throws the challenge flag. >> don't worry about it. going to give it away. >> this week, newton's is going to be there. and going to be on display when the nfc champions take the field. >> how long has he been the panthers' dry cleaner? since the inaugural season in 1994.
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it live for us. watch for the reports starting on the fourth. you can only watch super bowl 50 right here on cbs4. weather and ever-changing weather. it's been nice. now it's going to be rain. >> that's the up and down pattern of the el nino. there's ft. twilight and clouds thickening up. hollywood in 64. and three, now should be a five by tomorrow. almost summer time humid coming in. winds gusting to 23. the winds have picked up. and -- 37-degree. eastsoutheast breeze. temperatures today, normal
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70s and ols. temperatures similar tomorrow and thursday. before 70s on friday. between tomorrow and thursday, going to see a lot of rain too. showers increasing over the gulf of mexico. showers popping up just to the southeast of us. the and this activity to the north. skirting the beaches. passing zhous this evening. chance for lingering showers. satellite loop in motion. in the south, high clouds and winds blowing with that strong el nino jet stream that we see. off the to west, that's going to be crossing and that's going to mean a couple of very soremy days. and the front is going to come through thursday night and dry us out until then. fairly stormy. and could see some severe storms any time from late tonight into thursday.
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-- downpours heavy at times. finally, this whole system moves through thursday night. cooler pressure building in. temperature ins the low 70s and we drop back to the 50s for the lows. the weekends, high pressure settles in. comfortable temperatures. cool at night. low tonight in the in your opinion 50s. across the country right now, you can see winter-like weather. nothing extreme. 20s in the midwest. and warmer in the northeast. 51 in d.c.. 57 in new york city. cooler back to the west. temperatures on the california coast, mostly in the 60s. forecast for tonight, few showers this evening. storms heavy and moving late tonight. tomorrow, look for passing storms and gusty downpours. the storms could come through in waves any time in the day.
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boaters, exercise caution. four to seven feet waves and choppy conditions. tonight through thursday, could be heavy downpours at times. cool breeze on friday. the weekend is looking pleasant. back to you. last day to buy health insurance to avoid paying a penalty. 90% of florida consumers who signed up were eligible for assistance. lead it shall affordable care affordable careact. and going to have to wait for a year to sign up and risk baying a $695 penalty when they file their income tax return. for details on how to sign up, go to our website,
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working on the 1 o'clock news. -- 11:00 news. rude shahbazi has more. >> we're going flying with the air force as they look to secure the skies around the super bowl. looking at the mission that goes back to the super bowl following 9/11. that and more tonight. hearing from the panther's $35 million man. jim berry has more.
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. jim berry here to talk about the panthers. want to keep winning? >> yeah. and the dolphins and heat should take note. and they are locking up one of the rising stars. and the cats host toronto after two big wins. in big news, signing a contract extension. six years, 6 million a year ought to keep him happy and the panthers. >> excited for him and this franchise. and for hockey.
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he's going to lead us to the promised land. >> that's the stanley cup. last night in chicago, d-wade and chris bosh step up like leaders should. bosh could blooded. chipped in 18 and this defensive play. snapping a four game losing streak. huge. >> good win against a team that was playing well and coming off a great win. we were struggling. we needed this one bad. the spur's leonard had a long face at golden state. the spurs were embarrassed by
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coach pop vich is -- popavich get get the blatt. >> could have gotten fired if the general manager was there. >> missing 14 games with a quad injury and now a few more. the clippers are 14-3 without him. could say blake, take your time. canes hosting florida a&m and visiting notre dame. both of those games in october. canes dominating duke. andrew rodriguez with the no look pass. setting up mur ri. and they beat up the blue devils. but they want to fry bigger fish. >> like playing the bigger power houses. that's why we came to the acc. at the end of the day, the goal
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>> saying that's a final four team. could be right. >> think so? >> a lot of depth, a lot of athletism. -- athleticism. >> looking good. when we come back, remember the rubik's cube, taking so long to solve, if you could
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wait . finally at six, blink and you miss it. a robot solving a rubik's cube in under two seconds. applying to certify it as a world record. the human record is four seconds for a 12-year-old boy in kentucky.
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